Why Create the Level 4 Diploma?

The sector required the development of an entirely new framework based more on the flexibility of knowledge required for the many and varied roles that now exist for existing personnel and graduate entrants to the water industry.

Watertrain was contracted by the Awarding Organisation for the water industry (CABWI) to develop the Level 4 Diploma in Water Industry Operations and Management to provide a qualification for all management roles within the Water Industry.

The Water Industry was involved in a process of consultation throughout the development of the qualification and supported the concept of multi-pathway qualification with a common core which will fulfil the Industry’s business needs.

The Level 4 qualification offers natural progression from Level 2 and 3 roles and has the flexibility for candidates to complete a full qualification in the area of the business they specialise in.

What Does the Qualification Offer?
  • A route to gain a higher-level water industry qualification – Level 4 Diploma in Water Operation and Management – giving an overarching route to the qualification covering aspects of most roles within the industry including the core activities of Water Treatment, Water Network, Wastewater Treatment and Wastewater Network
  • The opportunity to take specific units on a stand-alone basis
  • There is also the option to add units to any of the pathways mentioned above where appropriate
  • It allows the candidate to add units to their qualification if they change roles and require new topic areas. For example, if a candidate moves from a clean water role to a waste water role