Watertrain has been delivering CABWI nationally accredited water related qualifications since 2007 and many hundreds of candidates have been successful in attaining their knowledge and / or competency qualifications.

Our qualifications range from Level 2 to Level 4 across a multitude of operational and managerial provisions in the water utility sector. In conjunction with CABWI, Watertrain has developed 5 Level 3 Diploma qualifications, as well as the Level 4 Diploma in Water Industry Operations and Management, which provides an excellent grounding for graduate entrants to the sector.

Our Qualifications:

Level 2

Entry-level qualifications to support water operations and newcomers to the water industry, as well as those in need of upskilling.

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Level 3

Combined qualifications to support knowledge and skills in technical roles and key functions, from water treatment to water networks.

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Level 4

Higher-level qualifications to offer effective progression routes and support management and operational roles in the water industry.

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Bespoke Training:

Watertrain is able to support organisations across the water utility sector with their specific training needs through bespoke training interventions. Our expert team will work  to understand your organisations needs and develop an effective solution to address immediate training needs and longer term staff development.

Watertrain additionally has a wealth of experience in development of nationally accredited qualifications that have been designed and written following consultation with sector employers to ensure that the resultant qualification is fit for purpose and meets their organisational needs.

Competency Assessment:

Are you unsure which of our qualifications are best suited to your training needs? Watertrain’s independent and flexible competency assessment system, Occupational Competency Gateway (OCG), can help you to identify knowledge and skills gaps through the most comprehensive suite of assessment pathways to measure competence on offer anywhere in the UK water industry.

What is OCG?

We work with our clients to identify the key roles within their sector and then create bespoke competency assessments, which are individually tailored to those specific roles. OCG is designed to be as fair and flexible as possible and only selects questions which are relevant to the individual’s job. They will not be asked a question where there is not a reasonable expectation that they would answer it correctly.

The results provide a clear picture of the current knowledge and competence of individuals in their actual roles. The assessments are designed to give our clients full confidence in the results presented, which they can then use as a basis for further training and upskilling.

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