Level 4 Diploma in Water Industry Operations and Management:

The Level 4 Diploma in Water Industry Operations and Management offers a flexible qualification which is ideal for progression and higher-level new entrants. The qualification is nationally recognised and is available for delivery throughout the UK. It has been approved by Ofqual and is accredited by CABWI Awarding Body.

The programme offers pathway specific or flexible pathways with choices of modules which can be aligned to support individual or business requirements. It does not simply focus on the technical skills and knowledge needed, but also covers the practical knowledge required to become a successful manager or team leader. The core units are water industry structure, finance and budgeting, leadership and development and the completion of a business related project.

There is also the option to take single units to gain specific skills and knowledge as required. A full qualification will not be awarded, but credits will be certified.

Qualification Aims

The qualification has been designed to ensure that there are opportunities to develop the knowledge and skills to meet the needs of Water Industry employers. It is also intended to provide a platform from which learners might progress to further study.

About the Level 4 Diploma:

The sector required the development of an entirely new framework based more on the flexibility of knowledge required for the many and varied roles that now exist for existing personnel and graduate entrants to the water industry.

Watertrain was contracted by the Awarding Organisation for the water industry (CABWI) to develop the Level 4 Diploma in Water Industry Operations and Management to provide a qualification for all management roles within the Water Industry.

The Water Industry was involved in a process of consultation throughout the development of the qualification and supported the concept of multi-pathway qualification with a common core which will fulfil the industry’s business needs.

The Level 4 qualification offers natural progression from Level 2 and 3 roles and has the flexibility for candidates to complete a full qualification in the area of the business they specialise in.

Benefits of the Level 4 Diploma:

Flexible, tailor made qualification for managers and team leaders working within the water industry
Endorsed and fully recognised by the water industry and supply chain
Made up of water industry process specific qualification pathways
Ideal qualification for new and existing managers in the water industry or as a progression route
Delivered by professional and experienced tutors from the water industry
Practical – using real work experience for assessment activities
Designed to facilitate progression or support migration to other business areas
Accredited by the water industry’s specialist awarding body – CABWI
Recognised by the Institute of Water - the water industry's professional association
An opportunity to pick up one or more units relevant to water industry specific job functions
Offers a flexible qualification structure with a modular approach
Covers all aspects of the water industry and up to date with legislation and techniques


The Level 4 Diploma in Water Industry Operations and Management offers students a comprehensive range of pathways matched to the principal functions and roles of the UK Water Industry. This includes an overall Water Industry Operation pathway, which is suitable for those seeking a broad knowledge across the entire water cycle, in addition to other specialist pathways.

The qualification concentrates on eight main pathways, identifying the most prevalent areas of the business.

All pathways include four mandatory units:

  • Understanding the structure of the Water Industry
  • Leadership and management
  • Finance
  • The completion of an Industry specific research project

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