Level 2 Certificate in Network construction Operations (Water) – Service Laying

This qualification pairs with the Water Network knowledge pathway. To achieve a full certificate, the learner must complete either the Self Lay Pathway (9 mandatory units) or the Distribution Pathway (10 mandatory). Self Lay – mandatory units:

  • Create an efficient and effective environment in utilities network construction
  • Maintain a safe and secure working environment in water network construction
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships in utilities network construction
  • Install equipment for safe working onsites for network construction
  • Locate and avoid supply apparatus for utilities network construction
  • Excavate and maintain holes and trenches for utilities network construction
  • Operate powered tools and equipment for routine and predictable requirement on utilities network construction.
  • Joint materials by mechanical means on water network construction
  • Install water services up to 50mm nominal bore or 630mm polyethylene
  • The additional units below are available for either pathway, to allow the learner to cover further skills that may not be common to the rest of the workforce, but they do not contribute to to achievement of this certificate. Additional units:

  • Reinstate excavation and pavement surface after utility network construction operations
  • Joint materials by eletrofusion processes on utilities network construction
  • Restore water network components to operational conditions by repair.