Purpose of the Policy

As an organisation we strive to ensure that our learners and employers are happy with our level service.  However, there are times when service may fall below their expectations and satisfaction, resulting in a formal complaint being raised. Therefore, the overall purpose of this policy is to receive and act upon adverse feedback in a timely and professional manner, in order to address issues being raised and to support continuous improvements within our organisation.

Aim of the Policy

We aim to implement a set of procedures which can be clearly followed by all parties and are not too drawn-out. Therefore, we aim to:

  • Resolve issues at the earliest stage possible, taking the necessary steps to safeguard the learner and funding streams being accessed
  • Provide appropriate level of consultation to the discuss issues being raised
  • Take appropriate action, communicating outcomes with relevant people
  • Where appropriate,  exploring the issue raised with our wider audience, including external stakeholders
  • Keep a record of all communications sent and received
  • Respect the right to confidentiality and Data Protection
  • Effectively address any resulting issues through our Quality Improvement Plan (QIP)

Scope of the Policy

This policy applies to all staff, associates, employers and learners involved in a training programme with Watertrain Limited.

Other Related Documents and Procedures

  • Appeals Policy and Procedure
  • Quality Assurance Policy and Framework
  • Quality Improvement Plan
  • Data Protection Policy
  • Staff Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures
  • Whistleblowing Policy

Access to the Policy

Staff, associates and employers can access this policy remotely through the shared drive and Watertrain’s website. In addition to this, learners will also be able to review this document within their paper-based portfolio.


The Directors for Watertrain Limited have the overall responsibility for this policy.

Senior managers have the responsibility for implementing and monitoring the overall effectiveness of this policy by carrying out internal investigations, and reporting on outcomes in regards to learner and employer complaints.

Staff and associates have the right to escalate concerns in regards to the level of service being provided, through whistleblowing opportunities and or supporting investigations with subsequent improvements. This may include a commitment from individuals to address concerns surrounding their own performance.

Complaints Procedure

Learners may have grounds for a complaint based on shortfalls within Watertrain’s operations. This can include, but not limited to:

  • Administrative shortcomings resulting in delays in certification and or assessment opportunities.
  • Inadequate resources, such as inappropriate or insufficient physical (e.g. technical) resources
  • Insufficient or inappropriately experienced and qualified staff
  • Discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, colour, ethnic background or national origin, age, marital status, family circumstances, social-economic background, employment status, responsibilities to dependants, disability or religious or political beliefs or other irrelevant distinction
  • Subject to bullying or victimisation

Before exercising your right in making a formal complaint, you should make every reasonable effort to resolve the matter informally with the person concerned. In the event of escalation the following should be adhered to;-

  1. If, having attempted to resolve the matter, you feel you still have grounds for complaint you should begin the formal complaints procedure within 4 weeks of the incident which gives rise to the complaint occurring
  2. If you wish the matter to be taken up as a formal complaint then you should email an outline of your concern to   info@watertrain.co.uk
  3. You will be sent a written acknowledgement that your complaint has been received by the Quality Assurance Manager who will be responsible for dealing with your complaint
  4. We will endeavour to complete our investigations within 10 working days, where we will provide you with an overall decision and an explanations as to the judgement
  5. If you are not happy with the outcome then you may make an appeal directly to the Managing Director in writing, within 10 days of receiving notification of the decision
  6. This is an impartial review which may include a request for additional information
  7. You will be notified of the final decision in writing
  8. If at this point if you are still not satisfied with the outcome, the Quality Assurance and Compliance Manager will provide you the contact details of Awarding Organisation. You may escalate your appeal to them and further to the Qualification Regulator.

Watertrain will:

  • Remain impartial during the investigation process in order to make informed decisions
  • Maintain the confidentiality of information
  • Monitor the progress of complaints advising individuals at given stages
  • Ensure complaints are dealt with by experienced personnel who are given the time and resources to investigate rigorously and within agreed timescales
  • In regards to complaints and allegations made against bullying, harassment or victimisation Watertrain will follow internal disciplinary procedures in order to safeguard the welfare of individuals
  • Provide learners with a clear explanation of our findings and overall outcome
  • Deal with the complaint in a professional manner, maintaining positive working relationships with all parties by treating individuals fairly and with respect and sensitivity
  • Address any areas for improvement through our quality improvement plan
  • Inform, where necessary, employers and other stakeholders, such as funding and awarding organisations, in order to maintain the integrity of our programmes
Last Review Date: May 2022 | Next Review Date: May 2023          
Position in Organisation: Managing Director | Signed: Keri Davies