Everyone is familiar with the word apprenticeships. Traditionally, an apprenticeship was the entry point for a young person in many skills based industries. Apprenticeships are now used by a wide variety of business to train new people in their organisations.

However, apprenticeships are probably now more known as a vehicle to obtain government funding for a training initiative. Apprenticeships are also being widely used to upskill existing staff and enable them to achieve nationally accredited qualifications.

Original apprenticeship Frameworks include a national certificate knowledge qualification (BTEC) and a national vocational qualification (NVQ) which are based on the National Occupational Standards.

New apprenticeship Standards are being developed to supersede the Frameworks. Groups of employers from all sectors of the economy are coming together to develop a new Standard to meet the Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours requirements for their organisations.

It is government policy that once a Standard is fully operational the equivalent SASE Apprenticeship Frameworks will not be funded.