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July 19, 2021

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May 26, 2022

Affinity Water’s technicians say the skills they are learning will give them a career for life

Affinity Water has been helping to train its Technicians of the future under an Apprenticeship programme and they have said in a series of social media posts how much they are enjoying the training.

In all 47 employees are enrolled onto the Water Process Technician programme, these include new employees and existing employees looking to further enhance their skills, across a range of departments, including Leakage, Customer Operations and our Production teams.

Three of their Leakage Technician employees who are enrolled on the Apprenticeship programme at Affinity Water have given first-hand accounts of what they have been learning and a manager outlines why these apprenticeships are important.

Assad Miah joined Affinity Water over a year ago and is now working alongside the Leakage Colne Team for Affinity Water as a Leakage Apprentice after originally signing on as a Logging Technician.

Assad explained: “Working alongside experienced and qualified members has greatly increased my knowledge and skills, I am able to see first-hand how the loggers I deployed help in leakage detection. Being part of this essential team and serving the community by finding leaks, saving water and providing high quality wholesome drinking water is not only a great job but an enjoyable adventurous pursuit.

“After joining Affinity Water all I could ask myself is “why didn’t I join sooner!” with friendly colleagues experienced mentors and skilled professional team members.

“As an apprentice in my current role, while carrying out active leakage detection I am also completing online workshop units covering the water industry in all its aspects with coursework, presentations, photo evidence of work carried out and reports of new skills developed along the way. I hope to achieve the experience and qualification required by Affinity Water to be a growing asset within the company and manage a great team like mine one day, aspiring to be the best while working with the best.”

Matt Smith joined Affinity Water from Jaguar Land Rover and says he enjoyed the recruitment process and the role he is now performing in leakage as an Apprentice.

Matt said: “I am currently completing my level 3 water process technician qualification and am completing a portfolio with evidence showing I can do the leakage role itself. I work with different qualified leakage technicians who show me how they do their day-to-day roles which is giving me valuable experience and skills to do my job when I complete my qualification.

“My short-term goals are to get a distinction in my qualification and aim to get the highest marks I can so I can feel comfortable and confident when I go out on my own and complete leakage detection tasks.”

Tom Hart who used to work in the hospitality industry joined Affinity Water to ensure he had a career and a skill that would “last a lifetime”.

Tom explained: “I am currently working in the Leakage department out of Luton. I am learning all parts of leakage working with my mentor to help find and sort out leaks. Most of my time is spent on training courses so learning lots of every part of the water industry

“I hope to either progress to management or move departments to help me learn about other roles in the water industry.”

Glen Davis, newly appointed Leakage Control Manager said that the apprenticeships will allow managers at Affinity Water to be “confident” that the correct processes and health and safety check are carried out.

Glen said: “The apprentices and other leakage technicians currently going through their level 3 water process technician apprenticeship, are required to complete an on-site assessment towards the end of the course. They are assessed on water-based subjects they have learnt in the classroom and on-site.

“If people do not meet the required standards on any particular assessment, we can provide the next steps training which could include additional training in areas they need to improve on.

“These apprenticeships will help the business significantly as we are able to teach and assess individuals and can ensure that going forward best practices to work and health and safety are met. Any further learning or training can be arranged to further develop staff if need be.”

Steve Plumb, Director of Asset Strategy and Capital Delivery at Affinity Water said: “The Leakage Technician Apprenticeships form an important part of our strategy to upskill our workforce and to reduce leakage from our pipes in the long term. As a community facing employer and as the UK’s largest Water only company, we take seriously the need to train these Leakage Apprentices in careers that can last them a lifetime. We are pleased to have all our people on the Apprenticeship scheme at Affinity Water and I want to thank Assad, Matt and Tom for sharing their stories with us on our Social Media feeds.”

Sarah Menday Head of Organisation Development said: “The Learning and Development Team at Affinity Water have shown a great deal of commitment to getting our Apprenticeship Scheme up and running over the past year. Our training provider, WaterTrain, are doing a fabulous job of delivering the training and supporting our apprentices on their journey. We want to thank all those we have worked with us on our Apprenticeship Training Programme and the apprentices themselves who are so enthusiastic and committed to their learning.”

Article by Affinity Water: