About us:

Watertrain sees its role as helping employers find effective solutions to immediate training needs and longer term staff development – whether through apprenticeships, qualification programmes or bespoke training interventions.

As the leading provider of apprenticeships and other qualifications to the water utility sector since 2007, we are experts in the development of nationally accredited qualifications that have been designed and written following consultation with sector employers to ensure that the resultant qualification is fit for purpose and meets their organisational needs.

In conjunction with CABWI, the awarding body for the water and utilities sectors, Watertrain developed the Level 4 Diploma in Water Industry Operations and Management. This provides an excellent grounding for graduate entrants to the sector, as well as an effective progression route for individuals in their first line management role and need to gain more knowledge and understanding at a higher and wider level.

Watertrain has also developed, again in conjunction with CABWI and wide consultation with employers, 5 Level 3 Diploma qualifications. These Diplomas map to the Water Process Technician Apprenticeship Standard and will soon be available to the support the new Level 3 Standards – Treatment Process Technician and Network Technician.

Watertrain additionally has an excellent competency assessment tool, OCG, that can help identify current weaknesses in the level of knowledge being applied by operational teams across organisations. This assessment process provides a very effective training needs analysis, which then optimises budget spend and targets training interventions.

Case Studies:

Read our latest case studies below to hear from the employers and learners we work with. You can read all of case studies here.

Meet the team:

Our dedicated team all play a crucial role at Watertrain. Meet our team here.

Read what some of our Learning and Development team enjoy most about their roles below.

Huw - Wastewater Networks Coach

“My favourite part of my role is interacting with learners, watching their development and imparting experience on to them to help them develop within their role.”

Chris - Leakage and Distribution Coach

“The most rewarding part of my role is interacting with the learners and giving them the confidence, belief and skills to not only achieve success in the workplace but out of the workplace too.”

Evin - Leakage and Distribution Coach

“The best part of my role is the ability to pass my knowledge on to students/learners, knowing it will better them within their career and job role.”

Manish - Wastewater Treatment Coach

“In my role I really enjoy teaching and sharing my knowledge with others. It’s not just about a learner’s professional development, as an LDC you are probably shaping their future career path.”

Paul - Water Network and Distribution Coach

“My role is to teach and develop skills on the apprentice scheme for my cohorts. The best part of my role is the feeling I’m giving something back to the water industry.”

Fergie - Leakage and Distribution Coach

“Working at Watertrain, I have enjoyed seeing apprentices complete their apprenticeship when at some point they never thought they would.”

Want to join our team?

We are looking for people with a real passion to pass on their knowledge, skills and experience to both new comers to the sector and to those who need upskilling.

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