Tackling the water industry’s skill shortage

April 18, 2019

Watertrain launches hydraulics training to enhance clean water network operations

As the leading provider of high-quality technical training to the water utility sector, Watertrain continues to expand on their success and have introduced new specialist hydraulics courses to their available qualification programmes.

For the successful operation of water networks, the understanding of hydraulics is essential. Watertrain has launched these training programmes to allow water companies to increase the knowledge of basic hydraulic principles and their impact on clean water networks, across key personnel in their workforce.

Providing the ability to apply hydraulic principles, water companies will see increased asset reliability, reduced leakage, improved operational service performance commitments and many other benefits.

Improved performance commitments are essential for all companies in the water utility sector, with these being the primary way that they are measured by regulators – carrying penalties or rewards depending on performance.

These three/two-day courses discuss vital topics to increase efficiency, productivity and profitability across water network operations. Some of the areas training will cover include the relationship between pressure and leakage, energy conservation and head-loss, and how to reduce the impact of supply interruptions.

The hydraulic courses Watertrain have launched are:

  • Understand Hydraulic Principles in relation to Clean Water Network Operations
  • Application of Hydraulic Principles to Improve Key Operational Service Performance Commitments
  • Understand how to Calm Networks, Increase Asset Reliability and Reduce Leakage

There are a range of roles these courses are suitable for, which include, but are not limited to, Networks Field Technicians, Networks Optimisation Technicians, Control Room Operatives, Engineers and Managers.

Those interested in finding out more about these specialist courses can contact Watertrain by calling 03330 431431 or emailing info@watertrain.co.uk. Alternatively, you can follow the link below to view the website overview.

Hydraulics Training