How the water utility sector is helping the environment

June 4, 2018

Watertrain forges ahead, creating new job opportunities

July 3, 2018

Watertrain Announcement

Neil and Paul have great pleasure in announcing that Keri Davies and Hazel Sarath have now been appointed to the board of directors at Watertrain.

Both Keri and Hazel have worked tirelessly for the business and have contributed significantly to where Watertrain now is, in terms of the delivery model, quality assurance and business support teams.

Keri will take over the role of Operations Director from Paul who will move into a more dedicated [but part-time!] Business Development role.

Hazel will become Quality Assurance Director and we have now restructured our business so that the delivery teams are managed by Hazel and our two Quality Co-ordinators, Tracey and Anne.

Succession planning is important in any small business and Neil and Paul have every confidence that both Keri and Hazel will soon be able to take on and manage the business going forward. Neil and Paul would then anticipate providing support on a non-executive role basis.