February 15, 2018


February 16, 2018

Level 4 Higher Apprenticeship to be delivered to Northumbrian Water

Northumbrian Water have recently engaged Intelligencia Training, a sister company of Watertrain, to deliver a specialist Level 4 Higher Apprenticeship aimed at increasing the intelligence and analytical skills of key personnel working across a range of departments.

Following on from the success of an initial programme that was hugely beneficial to the organisation, a wider scale programme was commissioned utilising the Level 4 Diploma in Intelligence Operations. Departments and job functions including network planning, resource planning, customer insight, business intelligence, customer service and contact centre data analysts, planning and performance and metering analysts have all engaged with the innovative programme to promote effective decision making processes and inter-departmental sharing of data, intelligence and working practices.

The level 4 Apprenticeship in Intelligence Operations now represents the UK’s highest level of vocational training available for those working across a range of public and private sector organisations offering parity in skills with those working at the highest levels of intelligence, law enforcement and national security.